Team Management

Granting access to team members is simple in Imitate Email. Just head to the Team tab in the app.

Invite a Team Member

Simply click "Invite Team Member" and you'll be presented with a short form to let you enter their email address and set up their permissions all in one go.

The first set of permissions is around giving them access to manage tenant set up, manage billing and then manage the team.

Under "Email Permissions" you can decide which mailboxes you would like to give them access to. Its defaulted to everything but you can specify at the project or mailbox level or only grant them access to their own personal mailbox.

When you send the invitation they will receive an email with a link to sign up in to your tenant and you'll be able to see your outstanding invitation:


Managing Existing Team Members

From the Team page simply click on "Edit Permissions" to change the level of access that a user has.

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