IMAP Support

Instead of providing a custom REST api for Imitate Email we provide IMAP access to your accounts so that you can programmatically access your test emails or use a 3rd party email client, like Thunderbird or Outlook.

When coupled with Web Sockets this enables integration testing scenarios for your software development.

Setting up your IMAP connection

We provide IMAP over both SSL and using STARTTLS for encryption. Use host and then either port 993 or SSL or 143 for STARTTLS.

Your username and password are the same as the username and password of your personal mailbox (your email address/password won't work). Go to Settings → My Mailbox.

Some email clients expect the username to be an email address. You can add to the end of your username when this is the case and it will work.

If you're on a team plan and using projects you will get access to all of your projects as IMAP folders. Your INBOX folder is your personal mailbox.

Setting up in Outlook

If you would like to access your Imitate Email account via Microsoft Outlook please see our article on that: Setting up IMAP in Microsoft Outlook

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