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How to test EmailJS

EmailJS is a JavaScript SDK for sending emails from your front end. We show how you can test your email flows using Imitate Email.

12th Mar 2023

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Best Transactional Email Service 2023

A look at various transactional email service providers in a quest to determine which one is the best for your situation

27th Feb 2023

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How to test sending emails in Mandrill

Learn all about testing your email flows when using Mandrill and Imitate Email together.

6th Feb 2023

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How to create responsive email

Learn why you should create responsive emails and how to do it using available open source tools

2nd Feb 2023

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How to test email flows when building software

Learn how to easily test email flows when building software. We look at why you would want to test your email flows and the software options available to do it.

1st Feb 2023

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