Imitate Email provides mailboxes for sending test emails to.

Personal Mailbox

Everyone who signs up to Imitate Email has a personal mailbox.

This mailbox is only visible to them and is designed for developers to use as they're building software.

Depending on your programming language you can keep your personal mailbox credentials on your developer machine.

Team Mailboxes

Team mailboxes can be created underneath a project. They're only available on multi-user plans.

Team mailboxes have their own set of credentials for sending emails to so usually align with different environments.

They are used when multiple users need to access a single environment.

For example, you may have a QA environment set up for performing regression testing that's accessed by multiple users. You can grant access to that single mailbox to everyone who needs it.


A project enables you to logically group team mailboxes.

It's also possible to define permissions at the project level. This makes it easier to grant access to all team mailboxes inside the group.


Access to a group of projects is managed inside your tenant, which contains your billing settings and the list of users who have access.

An Example

Imagine a software development company that writes software for multiple clients.

They would have a single tenant with a project per client and then a team mailbox per environment per project i.e. 1 for QA and 1 for staging.

The developers would each use their own personal mailboxes for their local development.

For their clients, they would use the "login-less authentication"" alongside User Filters to give them access to their test emails without signing them up to Imitate Email.

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