Part of Imitate Email's offering is the ability to mock (or fake) various email sending APIs provided by popular email sending services.

For our mandrill wrapper you can communicate with our API as if you were you sending Http requests to the mandrill API.

The only change required is to modify your Mandrill client library so that it sends requests to All of Mandrill's endpoints are at For Imitate Email, send the requests to instead.

You will also need to send us credentials for your requests by changing the key property that you send in your Mandrill requests.

For a personal mailbox, you can find the key in Settings -> My Mailbox and then clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

For a team mailbox, go the projects page and click the icon next to the mailbox you want to send email to.

Using Mandrill Templates

If you use templates when you send email to Mandrill you will need to provide us with a Mandrill API key, so that we can render the emails using your templates.

To create an API key that we can use, log in to Mandrill and:

  1. Go to Settings → SMTP & API Info
  2. Then click "New API Key" button in Mandrill
  3. Give your key a description
  4. Ensure that Test Key is ticked
  5. Then tick Only allow this key to use certain API calls
  6. From the drop down that appears select Render only Screenshot of permissions in Mandrill

By doing that, we're only able to call render using content that you provide us. We can't get access to anything else in your Mandrill account.

Once you have generated your API key, copy and paste it in to the same screen that contained your Imitate Email mandrill key (see above).

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