Solo Plans

The free forever plan is pretty great if you're a solo developer building software.

Once you start hitting limitations though the next plan is developer, providing you with more daily emails alongside a 30 day retention period ensuring you don't lose your test emails from one day to the next.

Team Plans

As soon as you start needing multiple users for your software building, either developers, testers or end client access you need one of our team plans.

All of the team plans let you brand the Web Widget with something other than a chameleon! See branding for more detals. They also provide team mailboxes where you have multiple users on the same environment.

Each of the team plans is designed to suit progressively larger teams.


Sometimes you hit a limit on your current plan and the increase in price required for the next tier is difficult to justify.

In Imitate Email we let you add little extras to your plans when you hit a limit, so that you don't have a massive jump.

You can get:

  • extra users (one at a time).
  • extra team mailboxes (in bundles of 5)
  • extra daily emails (in bundles of 100)
  • extra retention on your emails (in 30 day increments)

These extras are priced differently depending on your plan.

When you add extras, check the price to upgrade your plan as it's cheaper once you have added enough extras.

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