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Easy email testing for developers and users

No more accidentally spamming real people. Ensure emails are sent at the right time, look great and do this inside the software you're building.

Get 15 test emails a day, free forever

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Email is a big part of software.
Testing it shouldn't be.

We designed Imitate Email to enable software teams of all sizes to easily test email flows, whether writing your own software or using a third party, and across in-house and external users.

Getting started is easy

  1. 1 Sign up for your free account
  2. 2 Send emails to our servers
  3. 3 (Optionally) add a single line of JavaScript to your web app
  4. That's it!
Prevent Accidental Sends

Our sandbox SMTP server enables developers to eliminate the risk of sending test emails to real users with just a config change.

Seamless Testing for Users

Use our embedded web widget to allow end clients and testers to easily test email flows without leaving the application they're testing.

Improve Email Quality

Both the App and our Embedded widget improve email quality through the provision of tools to analyse email content, formats and deliverability.

Built for teams

Included with our plans are multiple projects, mailboxes and support for different permissions across your organisation.

What our users say

Below are a few examples of reviews we've received for Imitate Email. Don't just take their word for it though, Sign up for free now and find out for yourself

“Great Email Sandbox Developer Tool. I can see the time savings by having the script embedded on the website you are working on so you can quickly open, view, and move on. I did like I can view the email in it's original form, toggling off/on the images, look at the straight text, and then look at the properties of the email. All's to say, it has sparked my curiosity to be able to program emails like this in the future now that I have this tool. ”

Image of Fred Rubio

Fred Rubio

Independent Developer

“An adorable tool! Saves me a lot of time. My current software project sends a lot of emails so it's great to see them pop up alongside the software as I'm working. Makes testing much easier - working without it is now a pain. I get it installed as quick as I can on each project”.

Image of George Seeger

George Seeger

Senior Developer at Abstract Leap