The Sandbox Email Server for Software Teams

Developers use our web widget to build and test better email flows without leaving their software.

Testers easily view emails inside your application, not ours, and no account needed with login-less authentication.

Integration testing increases release confidence with programmatic IMAP/POP3 support, web sockets and SMTP.

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For Developers

Better Email Testing

Don't waste time setting up a local test smtp server. Drop our embedded email viewer in your app, using 1 line of JS, and easily build/test email flows without needing a second application open

Test SMTP Server
No more accidentally spamming real users. Send emails to our sandbox mail server using standard SMTP, in any programming language, or configure your favourite 3rd party tools. No need to install a separate app.
Responsive Email Tools
View emails in your app or our app or the email client of your choice! With our apps, get extras like responsive email tools, spam checking, deliverability checks and more.
Programmatic Access
Make integration testing email based flows, like user registration or receipt sending, fast and easy using our web socket support and IMAP/POP3 support.
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For Teams

Integrated App Testing

No need to make testers or external clients log in to a separate email testing tool. Our unbranded embedded email viewer simplifies testing email flows for everyone.

Embedded Email Viewer
Show emails inside the software that your QA team or end clients are testing. The unbranded web widget notifies users when emails are sent and keeps them inside your application.
Login-less Authentication
With login-less authentication you can pre-authenticate end users so that they don't have to enter a username or password. Better still, they don't require an Imitate Email account.
Projects, Mailboxes and More
Support multiple projects, environments and types of user with permission based access across Imitate Email users.
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It's very quick to get started

In this video, we show you how to sign up, configure your SMTP settings and see an email inside your application, all in less than 2 minutes.

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Get 450 emails a month for free forever as a solo developer.
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What our users say

“Great Email Sandbox Developer Tool. I can see the time savings by having the script embedded on the website you are working on so you can quickly open, view, and move on. I did like I can view the email in it's original form, toggling off/on the images, look at the straight text, and then look at the properties of the email. All's to say, it has sparked my curiosity to be able to program emails like this in the future now that I have this tool. ”

Image of Fred Rubio

Fred Rubio

Independent Developer

“An adorable tool! Saves me a lot of time. My current software project sends a lot of emails so it's great to see them pop up alongside the software as I'm working. Makes testing much easier - working without it is now a pain. I get it installed as quick as I can on each project”.

Image of George Seeger

George Seeger

Senior Developer at Abstract Leap

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